Refugee Camp in Moria, Lesbos appointed state of emergency

Major fires in Moria upset the world – refugees have to go to emergency camps

At the beginning of September a fire kindled in a refugee camp in the middle of the East Aegeon island of Lesbos near the village Moria.

The intentionally laid fire hardly hurt people, but there were some refugees with smoke poisoning. Except for property damage, no serious damage has been caused in the already overcrowded refugee camp. Youths and minors were flown to Thessaloniki to protect them.

Countries like the Netherlands and Austria do not want to accept refugees because it could trigger a chain reaction.

In contrast, some federal states in Germany want to take on refugees, especially young people Vice chancellor Olaf Scholz and Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas are calling for a European solution.

Many refugees protest and demand a real home instead of emergency accommodation.

For the future we wish them a better life!

Hannah Goßler, Anna Lenz, Hanna Kießling, Laura Köhler and Emilia Schmidt, Q12

Picture by Cathsign – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,