What male friends don’t get

“Rape and escape.“

Boys… don’t you get it? It’s a joke for you. But reality for us.

You think being in a room filled with drunk people of the opposite gender is a dream. For us, it would be a nightmare.

You feel proud when somebody much older than you is checking you out. We get scared.

We walk home with our fist clenched around a lipstick or keys hidden in our hand in our pocket. We know exactly how to use pepper spray, protect our own eyes and then run away!

Being female means walking the longer way if it is the one with more streetlights.

Being female means the feeling of relief when the figure in the dark looks female, too.

Being female means texting your friends when you get home and telling them to do the same.

Every car driving slowly makes our feet move faster and faster with every step.

It was the day my dad told me that leaving my drink unattended is dangerous, I learned being a girl is dangerous.

Guys, catcalling women is not complementing them.

Just like raping is not having sex.

Men saying sexism is dead seem to forget that we’re inventing nail polish to recognize drugged drinks and apps to get home safely.

I’ve got guy friends who tell me feminism is unnecessary and joke about rape in the next breath. Friends who tell me there is no point in fighting for women’s rights because they don’t need to be afraid of anything anymore and assault my friends at my party.

We’re girls and we were raised in constant fear.

When did your parents stop telling you strangers are dangerous? Well, our parents never did.

You get offended when a girl is scared of you.

How are we supposed to know which nice guy will stay nice if you reject him?

“Not all men are evil.“ Not all snakes are deadly. Go ahead, let one bite you!

Don’t you get it? I’m seventeen and most of my friends have been catcalled, scared or assaulted by males.

#metoo isn’t the reason you should feel uncomfortable. The reason is women not speaking up.

You should feel uncomfortable because #metoo, self-defence lessons for teenage girls and rape proof underwear are needed.

Guys, you only feel uncomfortable now because you’ve never had to before.


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